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Joint Participatory Rice Evaluation

Mr. Bakari, Chief Facilitator, expains the joint participatory evaluation of rice process.

Kizimabani, 22 November 2019

 A total of 150 farmers from Kizimbani, Pangeni and Donge Mnyimbi were participatory trained in three days on climate change adaptation in upland rice production through evaluation of different rice varieties demonstration. The training involved joint evalution between researchers and farmers on rice varieties that have performed better during Vuli season. The training took place at Kizimbani Main Office, Donge Mnyimbi and Pangeni. According to Mr. Hamza Hamid, the Acting Head of Cereal Section, five varieties of rice were evaluated including the official varieties of NERICA 1, NaneNane, BKN/SUPA and local varieties of Dula Nyekundu and Hija.
According to Mr. Bakari Kombo, Chief Facilitator of the Training, the official varieties of NERICA 1 and BKN/SUPA have shown good performance in the initial stage of growing.These results are consistent with the previous results  of NERICA 1 and BKN/SUPA tested in the last three years at Cheju, Upenja (Mwembe Mpunga) and Muyuni paddy upland fields.
The training was sponsored by NAFAKA Project, which is implemented by ZARI on Zanzibar Islands since

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