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ZARI Gears Up for Seed Testing

Kizimbani, October 2019

A total of seven staffs of ZARI, five women and 2 men staffs have recently completed Routine Laboratory Seed Testing Training held at Kizimbani Seed Laboratory. The training, which took 14 days, was organized jointly between ZARI and TOSCI as part and parcel of implementation of Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutes. The training is a follow up to ZARI establishment of new Seed Testing Laboratory.

According to Mr. Hamza Hamid, the Acting Head of Cereal Section of Food Crops Division, the Seed Laboratory will provide solution to the problems of expired, dormant and unviable seed being imported into Zanzibar as well as seed produced locally.

After the training, the Kizimbani Seed Laboratory is now equipped to take samples of the seed, to ascertain the purity of the seed as well as germination percentage, intoned Mr. Hamid who was also one of the trainees.

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