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Chief Research Officer Retires

Chief Research Officer Retires

Kizimbani, April 2019

The renowned Chief Agricultural Research Officer, Mr. Khatib Juma Khatib completed his tenure in the Zanzibar Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) in April 2019. Chief Khatib or CARO as he was popularly known retired after serving the Government of Zanzibar in the Ministry of Agriculture in various capacity.

Chief Khatib was first employed in July 1978 and appointed first as Chief Agricultural Research Officer in April 2004 and re-appointed again at the same post in January 2018. Chief Khatib will be remembered not only as a lead researcher on rice varieties but also as a good administrator.

The Zanzibar Agricultural Research Council and the Institute commend Chief Khatib for excellent leadership while serving the ZARI and wishes him good and prosperous life during his retirement.

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