|     Tel: +255 (0) 773 277 681 | Email: info@zari.or.tz | Miwani Road, Kizimbani,Zanzibar
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Organization Vision & Mission


A hub for innovative agricultural and ecological research


To conduct, promote, regulate and coordinate agricultural research in Zanzibar for socioeconomic development.

ZARI Core Values and Philosophy

  • Team Work and Partnerships for collaborative advantage and synergies
  • Impact, performance and service orientation
  • Scientific excellence, creativity, Effective knowledge and information management
  • Respect for staff and diverse clients
  • Responsibility, Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency
  • Flexibility, Integrity, Trust and Equity
  • Innovation, Competitiveness and Value addition,
  • Relevance, Complementarity, Mutual benefit and ownership
  • Commitment to vision, mission, goals and objectives
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