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Kizimbani Spice Tourism

 Welcome to Kizimbani Spice Farm – The Oldest, The Biggest and The Fullest


Butterfly Palm Climber

The Islands of Zanzibar are well known in the world as Spice Islands. Spice crops are grown as cash crops, sold in the market and are used for cooking as well as cosmetics and for their medicinal properties. Exit Survey show that 30% of all tourists visiting Zanzibar come for Stone Town and Spice Tours. Majority of Zanzibar Spice Farms are located in and around Kizimbani. The Kizimbani Spice Farm is the oldest spice farm in the Islands. It was established since Colonial times to test and try most of the agricultural crops grown in Zanzibar. Therefore, the Kizimbani Spice Farm mirros the the history of farming of Zanzibar. It is the biggest farm on the Islands with a total area of 10 hectares is managed by the Zanzibar Agricultural Research Institute under the Horticultural Division.


Kizimbani Spice Farm is the fullest and complete spice farm based on the collection of plants available within it. No other so called spice can beat that collection. There are 16 spice-medicinal plants, 17 ornamental plants and 28 fruit trees all available in one place. Visitors visiting Kizimbani Spice Farm have opportunity to see the tea and coffee plant on one side and will also be able to enjoy and differentiate between wild cardamon and normal cardamon as well as wild ginger and normal ginger.


Kizimbani Spice Farm offers Spice Tour for visitor, Demonstration of Grafting/Budding, Souvenir Shop for spices. The highlight of Kizimbani Spice Tourism is the coconut climbing show. The show is conducted by the famous coconut climber – Mr. Butterfly, who climbs 20m high coconut palm with a traditional twisted rope in the ankles while singini and doing acrobatic show. Well! Kizimbani Spice Farm with Mr. Butterfly is a class of its own.


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