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ZARI Gears Up for Seed Testing
Kizimbani, October 2019 A total of seven staffs of ZARI, five women and 2 men staffs have recently completed Routine
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Joint Participatory Rice Evaluation
Kizimabani, 22 November 2019  A total of 150 farmers from Kizimbani, Pangeni and Donge Mnyimbi were participatory trained in three
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ZARI Prepares New Act
Kizimbani, Unguja, October 2019 The Zanzibar Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) is preparing new legislation of the Institute to replace the
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Chief Research Officer Retires
Kizimbani, April 2019 The renowned Chief Agricultural Research Officer, Mr. Khatib Juma Khatib completed his tenure in the Zanzibar Agricultural
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