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Teak Research Plot at Kizimbani

The Natural Resources Division is composed of two parts: Renewable and Non-renewable Natural Resources. The Renewable part is composed of forest resources as defined by the Forest Resources Management and Conservation Act No. 10 of 1996; while the Non-renewable part is composed Non-renewable Natural Resources as defined by Environmental Management Act No. 3 of 2015. The Division is charged with a responsibility of conducting basic and applied research on wildlife, conservation, production forestry and nnon-renewable resources. Four major work has been conducted by the Division in collaboration with the Department of Forestry and Non-renewable Natural Resources. These were:

  1. Assessment and Valuation of Forest Trees Species at Kizimbani Estate, Zanzibar 2018
  2. Surveying, Mapping and Plants’ Species Identification in the Kizimbani Spice Farm, Zanzibar. 2015
  3. Determination of Sand Depth and Quantity in Six Areas of North Region of Unguja Island, Zanzibar. 2019
  4. Determination of Sand Depth and Quantity in North Region of Pemba Island, Zanzibar. 2019

Due to shortage of staffs in the Division no new research has been proposed so far. However, plans are underway to recruit more foresters and natural resources graduates to spearhead natural resources research and studies.

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