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Welcome to ZARI website
Welcome to ZARI website
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A hub for innovative agricultural and ecological research

Welcome to ZARI

Zanzibar Agricultural Research Institute was established in 2011 for the purposes of promoting and carrying out research on food crops, horticultural crops, soil and plant health, food science and nutrition, natural resources and environment within Zanzibar.


Enhancing investment in research capacity, partnership, commitment and efficient delivery

Strategic Plan

ZARI Offices and Research Stations

ZARI headquarters is located in Kizimbani, Sakafuni 17 km from Zanzibar Town in the Magharibi “A” District, Unguja Island adjacent to Mndo – Miwani Road. ZARI sub-office is located in Matangatuani, Michweni District in North Pemba some 10 km from Wete Town.


ZARI has also several research stations in Unguja and Pemba. The Research Stations in Unguja Island are:

  1. Miwani – Central District

  2. Selem – West “A” District

  3. Mwera – West “A” District

  4. Kijichi – West “A” District

  5. Bambi – Central District

  6. Makunduchi – South District


The Research Stations in Pemba are:

  1. Tumbe – Micheweni District

  2. Weni – Wete District

  3. Wesha – Chake Chake District


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