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Welcome to ZARI website
Welcome to ZARI website
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A hub for innovative agricultural and ecological research

Welcome to Research Area

Zanzibar Agricultural Research Institute has the overall mandate to promote and carry out research on food crops, horticultural crops, soil and plant health, food science and nutrition, natural resources and environment within Zanzibar.


Enhancing investment in research capacity, partnership, commitment and efficient delivery

Strategic Plan

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For a long time in history, agriculture has continued to be an important pillar to support livelihood of a larger proportion of our people. This sector is responsible for ensuring food security by providing crops, livestock and marine products sufficient to feed over 1,000,000 people residing in Zanzibar.

Agriculture is a direct source of employment to about 42 percent of the population and contributes to more than a quarter of the national economy.
Zanzibar has a great potential for developing agriculture, taking into account its comparative advantage of having good soils and rainfalls to support crop production as well as natural pastures for feeding livestock. The great diversity of marine macro flora and fauna species and a variety of forest resources provides unique opportunity for the islands to fairly taking a lead in fulfilling the demand for domestic and export market of farm products, especially fruits and spices at the regional and international horizon.


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